First: Your blog is esthetically so beautiful! I would like to know the background for the name Silence and Voice.
About your project: It seems like you know a lot about what to do and what not to do. Reflections are just that – reflective, not spontaneous outbursts, which you seem to be fully aware of. I think this will be the way to learn in the future, possibly also to share research, because after the social media revolution it is no going back to the individualistic “don’t look over my shoulder”-attitude. This could be an active, working “community of practice” or “community of learners” (Etienne Wenger).

To the research theme:
There is of course the difference between personal and private, which is obvious (not to all, but to reflective persons). But there is another, less obvious difference between being individual and being a person. The term “individual” comes from the instrumentalistic world of marketing and branding. Being personal is different, it comes from being a real, whole person, reflective, relational, with embodied knowledge. This might be part of what matters in professional practice. Looking forward to following your project!