@Kip Jones

Mysterious? That sounds a lot more interesting and exciting than my life really is, though my first thought was denial (no, not that river in Egypt!).

Private, certainly. I suppose this is one of the considerations I am having about this entire process, in that some of my initial thinking about this process has been in the area of multiple identities, or perhaps multiple facets of identity depending on which “hat” I am wearing at the time.

I used to have similar assignments for my students, though I never required them to do it publicly (though many of them did blog in this manner as they sought to explore their thinking and interests). While I do not envision having this be a daily, long, very involved, or refined experience, I have been thinking more about sharing the process (while still guarding the privacy of my colleagues in my cohort, trying to “Do no harm” (cf. Hippocrates), and not giving away aspects of my program that the program may not want me to share (I normally share my syllabi, though not all of them as I have been requested not to at times).

Regarding our professional practice, the assignment goes into considerable more detail, and even so, I find I process things all over the place and make many connections in concepts that may not immediately come to mind, so I do not feel limited at all.

I really like how you described autoethnographic explorations . . . I think I may come back to that phrasing again.

Thank you, Kip, for helping to move this along a bit.