@S. Tait

I have NO idea how I missed your reply, Shannon–thank you for it!! The conference was really quite good, and I am hoping to attend next year (as long as I get my paper written and accepted!) as well. While I enjoyed the campus and location, it is really not the easiest place to get to, so I planned to stay the entire time. One thing that was particularly strong about QI2009 was the preconference offerings. While I do tend to attend preconferences (hey, if I have to travel, I will maximize the time spent!), these were by far the strongest ones I have seen anywhere. There were certainly more to attend than I was able, and I am quite glad about that.

Thinking about next year, while I have so many ideas, I find my time being among the biggest limitations. Research is never the fastest process, and with more ideas than time, I feel I have none to waste!

Have you started to consider research for next year yet?