Please help. I am an Afrakan American retired senior adult female enrolled in a Master’s program in Sociocultural Anthroplogyin L.A. Calif, I am using an autoethnographical approach to discussidentity and agency. No one in the anthropology department knows or is mildy curious about this method. I have been warned by many to stay with the accepted scientific approach. My archeology teacher laughed at me when I suggested that the subjective mode could be another effective way to look at life. My advisors agreed that I could use it; but I have to prove to them it makes sense. Thus, I am teaching myself the method. I need some guidance. I have read Ellis book, The Ethnographic I (my bible) three times. Any suggestions would be well received. Do you have an online class? Please respond asap. Thanks for your consideration.The final result will be useful for many. In sincerity, Shamla Sykes