Zoo, Park, and Nature

I am sitting on a quiet bench in the middle of the Central Park Zoo here on this beautiful April 12. The zoo and park are mobbed, perhaps because it is Easter, perhaps because it is the first nice day in recent memory, perhaps because many people are on vacation, or perhaps even due to countless other variables.

I just got my membership t-shirt and, not wanting to carry it as I am walking without a bag, decided to put it on under my Lancaster hoodie (the same one I bought while in the UK two weeks ago and which a number of my cohort colleagues thought of as a bit out of my age wearability; no matter, I like these sorts of clothes).

I normally bring my camera with me, though decided I wanted to walk unencumbered and to enjoy the afternoon. Now, I can experience nature and the zoo and people and such first-hand, without interpreting life through its photos. That I am blogging via my BlackBerry is beside the point (or not).

I just watched a robin hopping through one of the gardens looking for food, or perhaps enjoying the spring weather like many of us here today. The birds are chirping and singing for the change in season and happy weather. Even the flowers are so striking, expressing all their beauty in a great celebration of color and life. The sea lions are swimming in their pool, perhaps doing best what the flowers and birds are doing in their own ways.

And I? What more can I do but enjoy all this while trying to capture it to my blog for those moments that are more challenging and dark.