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ijetMy colleague Marguerite Koole just pointed out that the new issue of International Journal of Emerging Technologies in Learning (iJET) is available, and the focus is on E-Portfolios. Will give me some more reading after class this evening.

This is a topic that seems to be all the rage now, with colleagues near and far interested in this issue.

I am wondering how many people out there use e-portfolios? I am starting to toy with the idea, but have not been able to justify the time it would take to set one up (given everything I already do), compared to the value added.


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  1. Hi jeffrey,
    Here in holland, most interest in e-portfolio’s comes from education (different levels). More and more we see interest growing from governement and commercial organizations. Especially in combination with web 2.0 (mahara/ elgg) developments.

    Gr. Joost

  2. @Joost Robben

    That also seems to be the case in the US as well. However, colleagues of mine have been thinking about it from a business and healthcare perspective, almost as an extension of LinkedIn and the like. I know I have a space for it through my NYU Epsilen account at http://www.epsilen.com/jk904 .

    Not a lot there yet, but it is still new and I find I need some good models to follow to see if it is worth the hoopla.

  3. what we do in education is that we provide a competence matrix and students formulate learning goals (per term) that matches these competences. further, we let them reflect on their learning process en their development in lign with these goals. Often combined with 360 evaluations This apporach could also work for organizations as personal developments are commonly used as well. My main drawback here is that i witness a gradual movement away from used competencies and pdp’s towards a more open form of learning and reflecting. The question is, wouldn’t a personal blog (like yours) simply do the work as well? and wouldnt portfolio’s only be usefull for the organization to be able to manage and get grips on the learning process?

  4. @Joost Robben

    In many ways, I do use my blog for a variety of purposes, but in other ways, there is so much information here that it can be a challenge to find or organize it.

    You seem to be implying e-portfolios as a knowledge management strategy. Interesting thought if it were managed well. This just may be a business opportunity.

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