Farewell, PC Magazine

I just received a postcard with my January issue of PC Magazine  that the magazine will no longer have a print edition. Sad news indeed that this bastion of technology will no longer be available on the run, to be carried on the train or read in the park.  Yes, it will still appear in an electronic edition, and while wireless and mobile devices are improving, this magazine has always been more oriented toward a general readership, and not the uber-cutting edge audience that has the newest and fastest devices that make it still available when and where wanted.

Perhaps I am just old-fashioned, but I like reading print in print, in a format where I can bring to places where wifi still does not reach. I like tearing out articles and slipping them near my pc or filing away.

Perhaps they are onto something that I have not caught up to yet? I do know that I do not yet subscribe to any online-only content, as I still perceive online content as being shared and free.

Let’s see if they can make this work, or if it is a last step before they cease completely.