Jeffrey…you are getting some great feedback here! To your point around not being a ‘self marketer’ or ‘self promoter’ you are have a blog, and you have readers – so you are a better self promoter and marketer than you think you are!…You sound clear on your audience which is great – send them a text, or an email and ask for 3 words that they think of when they hear your name. The solutions so far just don’t seem ‘personal’ enough to me. I am not across your passions and your personal brand attributes – as we just met on your blog!; but I always encourage my clients to incorporate what they are passionate about, what they are good at, and what they do to help others, into their personal value proposition (we believe a GREAT PVP is all about stating what you can do for people – i.e. benefits) If it helps at all (and my final comment I promise) know that there are 8 motivating factors for ALL people – to be wealthy, good looking, healthy, popular, secure, achieve inner peace, have free time and have fun. How does what you do help me achieve one of these 8? Have fun, and I look forward to seeing the end result! (BTW we work with GREAT people to make them POPULAR)