Hi Jeffrey! What a great class! How exciting!!!

-Are you including anything on layout principles? It’s not an art class but readings on how properly layout, use whitespace, color, all that would helpful.
-Robin Williams has some great design books for non-designers.
-Will they be creating both eLearning and Webinars? I find that many people who transition from f2f don’t get the nuances of the two — that they are very different.
-Will you teach them to properly use a webcam? And how to record audio – as in, not wearing your cell phone or in a noisy room? Electronic noise and background noise are just sooooo distracting.

I could go on, but I have homework to do!

I have a handout of do’s and don’ts we use with our f2f trainers at work. I’ll send myself a note to email it to you.