Tony, this is one of the best comments I have had in some time!

Wanted to respond sooner, but did not have Web access for a few days. Hope you subscribed to this comment (I do that and use co.mments for that reason), as am interested in your feedback.

I speak and teach all the time, and get the most interesting feedback from my learners when I use a form of Brookfield’s Critical Incident Questionnaire (CIQ) and they tell me some of the things I come out with at times. These things happen, and while only a few of us blog about them (or so it seems), I sometimes wonder where else or how else our comments and thoughts get interpreted in ways in which we do not see.

I have not used LinkedIn much because I have never figured it out. It seems like a giant Facebook, but more for work. I have not seen how it can be used for much more than an online professional resume. While I have had an account for some time, I do not do much with it. I will, however, update my profile (or at least part of it right now, enough to remind me of what is there) and send you a link request. Perhaps you can point me to more examples of how it can be used for more than just a fan site? Even better, perhaps I will be able to follow your example with how it is used?

You bring up a good point about the handouts. I have become so fed-up with handouts and such while teaching, that I no longer hand out my slides. I always post them immediately after class so my students can get them if they want, but this way I encourage them to pay more attention rather than just stare at slides (that often are only high-level anyway). Amazing that I have seen that even slides with limited text still somehow preclude taking notes on them.

Finally, you do not seem defensive at all. Just the contrary–people often do not want to reflect on the responses others have, and as such conversation of this sort is not common in many of my experiences. I think this is healthy, and is what I refer to by the catchy term, “dialog.” Amazing where it can lead!

Better yet, who knows where it will lead?!