Thanks for live blogging.

Some random thoughts from your notes:

1. eHarmony – the founders of eHa2rmony didn’t have any data on gay marriage and given their Christian roots I don’t think (but not sure) believed in it. Without the data, they would never have included it. A family member of mine that is gay and I have had a couple of interesting discussions around that topic. Okay, I’m way off topic.

2. Not using it appropriately – ouch – man did I mis-speak on that. I meant to say that I could find opportunities to accomplish things in other ways. Although if I was talking about Google search – maybe I said inappropriately – but I still would have preferred to say better. Wow, I’m surprised I said that. Shoot.

3. Curious if I will get you to use LinkedIn more … you actually seem (given Twitter use) to be someone who would use LinkedIn. Send me a link request and get into the eLearningGuild group. Opens up more people. Then when you have an expertise need likely you can find a few interesting conversations. Just a thought.

4. Good suggestion on having more screen shots in the slides – interesting that I was limited to X number of pages (the number that I had). It’s a no win situation. If your handout is different than your presentation – people scream bloody murder. So, you learn not to put stuff like screen shots in there. But maybe next time I’ll do that. Good input.

FYI – The slides are available – so no need for a camera.

Chris captured the sentiment exactly.

If I only had another 60 minutes we could have had a pretty interesting discussion about the implications. Tough to do in that audience.

I probably sound defensive in these comments … but really it’s me thinking through what I did right / wrong and what I’ll change.

Good news is that given the dysfunctional teams presentation – I feel like arguing is acceptable. 🙂

If you have further thoughts, I’m all ears.