Macbeth and the NYTimes

I wrote about how much I liked the production of Verdi’s Macbeth I saw Monday night at the Metropolitan Opera, and I am glad that the Times shared in my asessment. The voices, the acting, the costumes, scenery, and interpretation of Verdi were wonderful. Even the scene when the army was being armed, loosely set in Post World War II Scotland amidst poverty and mass fleeing the nation due to its war mongering leader (Macbeth), I could not help but recalling Myanmar, Iraq, Rwanda, and so many other places around the world where the simple citizens would rather flee their homeland than live with the constant threat of terror.

The Times especially loved the conductor, James Levine, as they saluted his work within Verdi’s masterpiece:

It was hard to resist the overall production and variable vocal performances when Mr. Levine was conducting the work so splendidly.

Verdi's Macbeth at the Metropolitan Opera