Royale WordPress Template

I really respond to light backgrounds with simple repeating patterns, and as such it came as a shock to my friends and colleagues to see the dark colors of the Royale Theme I chose to use on my new WordPress-driven blog. While I did slightly adapt it since the black background image in it was too dark at first (some screens made it appear black, and some made it appear somewhat sinister I was told).

Two of the features of WordPress that most impress me (having recently migrated from MovableType 3.4) include the speed of changing the templates as well as the speed of posting entries. They are both done and visible in only one simple click. With MT, I used to have to wait for the site to reload and refresh and update–it was a slow and cumbersome process. This was an immediate benefit I found, and while I still have a lot of tweaking I need to complete, at least I immediately saw benefits.

Now, to begin transitioning more to philosophy . . .