Doctoral Supervision in Virtual Spaces: A Brief Paper Summary

Continuing to read #5Papers a week, I just came across this fascinating study that relates to my own research on doctoral learning and doctoral supervision:

1/ I read Maor, Ensor, & Fraser (2015). Doctoral supervision in virtual spaces: A review of Continue reading “Doctoral Supervision in Virtual Spaces: A Brief Paper Summary”

January Reading via #5Papers

Mon-FriI have felt some well-intended pressure to read more in 2016, and while I am attending a bit with #SixtyBooks (to read 60 books in a year, an ambitious goal beyond my time and wherewithal) by committing to reading 24 books (2 books a month), I DO want to read and share more research articles.

Reading research stimulates me, helps keep me current, and continues to challenge and move my ideas forward.

Thus, I will try #5Papers–reading and sharing Continue reading “January Reading via #5Papers”