January Reading via #5Papers

Mon-FriI have felt some well-intended pressure to read more in 2016, and while I am attending a bit with #SixtyBooks (to read 60 books in a year, an ambitious goal beyond my time and wherewithal) by committing to reading 24 books (2 books a month), I DO want to read and share more research articles.

Reading research stimulates me, helps keep me current, and continues to challenge and move my ideas forward.

Thus, I will try #5Papers–reading and sharing Continue reading “January Reading via #5Papers”

Tweeting as Health Communication: A Brief Paper Summary

twitterhealthNow that January 1, 2016 has come, and I had some modest success in reading and sharing some brief article reviews at the end of 2015 (earlier this week), I will now try this in earnest. I cannot realistically do #30Papers (one each day of the month) as that seems too much like work rather than personal, professional development, so am now trying this as #5Papers a week (a bit more realistic).

I read an article (peer-reviewed research, at least at this time), summarize it in some Tweet-sized bites, post it here, and then also post it via Twitter as a thread where I reply to my most recent Tweet with the next one.

So, here goes!

1/ I read Park, Reber, & Chon (2015) Tweeting as Health Communication Continue reading “Tweeting as Health Communication: A Brief Paper Summary”

Co-Creating Curriculum in Higher Education: A Brief Paper Summary

towers-9245_1920Following what I started considering with my article summary yesterday and my intentions to read more in the upcoming year, I decided to read and briefly summarize another article today. Getting some feedback fromĀ  and Frances Bell in what this process can be like, here is my second version of this article-a-day. Again, thanks to the folks at #SixtyBooks for the challenge to read more.

What is Continue reading “Co-Creating Curriculum in Higher Education: A Brief Paper Summary”

A First Paper Summary: Texts and Strategic Recursiveness

dilbert_brain_golfingI am intrigued with the #SixtyBooks notion (“60 in ’16” so to speak), though I know that is well beyond me. While few who know my work and teaching would think even half that possible given my commitments, I really welcome the idea–or creative challenge–to read and write more. Better to spend my time thinking new thoughts and wanting to discuss them with others, than to only think without this engagement.

If too many books will not work, as I have thought about this all day, then how about articles!? Still learning, still reading, and still sharing what I read!

I was thinking about an article a day, Continue reading “A First Paper Summary: Texts and Strategic Recursiveness”

Let’s Make Article Summaries! Thoughts on Ragged Edges

research_biteI have been tossing around this idea in various forms for some time now, and find a number of influences–Twitter Journal Club, #CLmooc (we make learning!), Shut Up And Read!, That new habit, and even #365Papers–all of which revolve around sharing some of the really great reading we do with others, specifically the academic, research-oriented reading we (I?) frequently do in silence.

I get new articles and read some of them every day, so why not Continue reading “Let’s Make Article Summaries! Thoughts on Ragged Edges”