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A Shameful Day to Be A Republican

Alas, I was a lifelong Republican, though with the rise of rabid anti-gay fundamentalism and the suspicion of those who are not white, conservative, gun-loving, climate-change-denying, Christians, I cannot fathom what my political idols, Lincoln or (yes, indeed, this it true) Reagan would think about the rise of the Republican Party's de facto nominee Trump's…

Critical Mass NYC Bike Ride Tonight

I am hoping for nice weather this evening, as I am planning to attend my first Critical Mass ride in Manhattan / NYC this evening. Sponsored (as much as these sort of things can be sponsored) by Time’s Up, it is an opportunity to reclaim the streets for bikes, people, and the joy of community…

The Time Has Come

The Republican Party, my party, is no more. It has left me. Its focus on Guns, God, and Gays as exemplified in its looking back at a history we never really had, is opposite how I perceive the world. While I do not think the Democrats have everything completely in order (who does, after all?),…

Facebook’s Flip-Flop / Protest

So, facebook is back to its old and safe (really??) self. The NYTimes reports today that After Protests, Facebook Withdraws Changes in Data Use. Facebook has changed before (remember their advertising model?), and with so many people using it, they will undoubtedly change again. As I asked yesterday, is Facebook really any different from the NSA, employers,…

Obama Descriptors

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