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Shifting relations with the more-than-human: Six threshold concepts for transformative sustainability learning – An Article Summary

After some time traveling for work, having done a lot of reading along the way, I am finally pausing enough to share some of what I learned via a #5Papers strategy: 1/ I read Barrett, Harmin, Maracle, Patterson, Thomson, Flowers, & Bors (2016)... 2/ ...Shifting relations with the more-than-human: six threshold concepts for transformative sustainability…

Today is Earth Day. So What?! Foster an Elephant!

Today, April 22, is Earth Day, "a day to honor the Earth and the concept of peace." While there are lots of ways to think of today, which just happens to be a beautiful spring day in New York City where I am, the Earth Day Network offers lots of suggestions for calls to action. Sure,…

My First Labyrinth

I have been fascinated with labyrinths since I saw my first one in person on the floor of Chartres Cathedral. Never would have imagined that this passion would have led me to want to build my own, which I did this morning using a smaller version of the Chartres pattern made of flour (ok for…

Pipes Under Central Park

I love New York City's Central Park, and just learned something else about it; there are miles of pipes under the park that bring water throughout it. Surprised? So was I. Check out their short and informative video.

The Orchid Bloomed in My Office!

After having this orchid for years sitting on my desk, it finally bloomed! I took a few photos of this and uploaded them to Flickr, for all to enjoy. I like this symbol of new life and celebration, especially after Yule and before New Year's. Even when things around us can be challenging or even…