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Photos from the Qualitative Congress, QI2009

I carried my camera with me at all times, though generally forgot to take it out and use it, being so busy liveblogging! Here are the few I did manage to take.

Note to self—take more at my next conference (that begins on Wednesday, as a matter of fact). I only have one […]

Revision: Panel Discussion on Carolyn Ellis’s Text

We are crushed into a room much too small for the number of people present (any hear of “fire hazard”?). I wonder if it will be a metaphor for what it to come.

Laurel Richardson is introducing the theme of this most interesting session looking at Carolyn’s newest work, Revision. The panel will read parts […]

Critical Investigations around Prop 8 at QI2009

I have not seen much work in the Qualitative Congress around issues that address topics of GLBT issues.

With such an interesting topic (about which I seem to know rather little), it at first seems unfortunate that the first presenter is reading his paper. It seems like it may make a useful discussion instead of […]

Humanistic Issues Regarding Qualitative Data Analysis Software (QDAS)

This session is about people who are aware of software and software issues to provide insight into using these applications.

Kristi Jackson, the first speaker, is speaking about Transparency:

QDAS Qualitative Standards Advocates Philosophy of the Mind Objectivity Constructionism Representation Feminism Qualitative Standards Critics

She is basing this on the Lave and Wenger CoP […]

Qualitative Data Analysis Software (QDAS) & Web 2.0

This is an 8:00 am session, and is somewhat light with people right now. The title in this presentation is very long, and is about using QDAS with some of the more boundary-pushing qualitative research strategies. This sounds exactly like the sort of presentation I need, as I want to explore which of the software […]