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ASTD 2008 Convention Reflections: Final Day

As we are now nearing the end of the morning of the final day, with one more of my eLearning Gallery Live Demos to do, I am finally able to start processing this experience, which is something I will probably do over the next few days as well.

I will offer a few initial thoughts:


Learning 2.0: Mobile, Rapid, Immersive, Collaborative, and Non-formal

Lance Dublin is speaking in this session, and I wish I could have seen it from the beginning. I arrived late as I was getting Patrick Lencioni sign my copy of the Five Dysfunctions of a Team.

This is a big room, and I am sitting on the floor. Yes, there are a few […]

Forget What You Know about Instructional Design and Do Something Interesting

Michael Allen, the eLearning guru, is presenting now. Wow, he really does look like his picture. I always thought it was interesting that he has his picture on all his books. Interpret it how you may.

I have seen his books all over the place, but have never heard anybody refer to him. However, the […]

E-Learning 2.0 for Personal and Group Learning

So, I am looking forward to finally meeting Tony Karrer at this session, especially as we have been trading Tweets and such for the previous couple of weeks.

Interesting that the slide show that is being projected before the session begins was at a slide with an NYU flag when I came into the room. […]

A Colleague Liveblogs at ASTD

I just saw that a colleague (whom I have still not met F2F though we have been trying to meet) here at ASTD 2008, Tony Karrer, seems to also be liveblogging today. He blogged about Tony Bingham’s introduction and Malcolm Gladwell’s presentation as well.

I look forward to debriefing the Gladwell presentation with him […]