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IR11 Learnings

Now that a few days since the end of the AoIR Internet Research 11 (#IR11) conference, and I am struggling to get back into my regular work and studies, I want to take a few moments to debrief my experience and list some of the take-aways I have.

While I liveblogged all the sessions I […]

My Photos from the Internet Research 11.0 Conference

I blogged and Tweeted so much during the AoIR IR11 conference, that I did not have the time to upload any of the photos I took during my time in Gothenburg. Just uploaded them to Flickr. Want to see all the other photos from the conference? Those can be found at Flickr here with the […]

From Friending to Gaming: Game Culture on Social Network Sites

Here is the final session of the conference. What a light way with a serious subject to end a very full AoIR IR11. I wonder how people have the time for this, and I wonder what the effect would be if I tried one or more of these?

Moreover, I wonder too what extent people […]

Knowledge Sharing, Collaboration, and Attribution

e-Research is the distributed and collaborative use of digital tools and data in the production of scientific knowledge. Interesting definition; wonder who developed it? Some really interesting researchers from the Oxford Internet Institute. Eric T. Meyer, Ralph Schroeder, and Lucy Power.

Discussion of accessing files from Friendfeed, specifically about Friendfeed groups that can be highly […]

Nancy Baym: This Song’s for You (Keynote)

Nancy Baym is about to deliver the final keynote for AoIR IR11. Rather humorous, and from sitting in the next to last row (like the Church of the Internet), I can see and hear computers and Twitter back-channel specs so much that I wonder how much Nancy is being listened to. I Tweeted about this […]