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Cultural Objects in a Transforming World: An #Actor-Network Article Summary

Glad to be back thinking #5Papers in practice, here as we begin another week!

1/ I read Beckstead (2015) Cultural objects in a transforming world for #5Papers today

2/ This theoretical work


Think, Believe, and Act with a Healthy Balance

Time for the New Year, and while I think setting goals is important at this time of the year (starting anew is a good thing, especially when we consider our changing needs, where we have been, and where we envision ourselves going next).

Last year I had a couple goals for 2015:

1. […]

My Actor-Network Paper & Slides at Social Media and Society 2015

I just returned from the Social Media and Society 2015 International Conference in Toronto, and wanted to bring together some of the element from my ongoing work with actor-network theory. My paper was entitled Just What Is Social in Social Media? An Actor-Network Critique of Twitter Agency and Assumptions. Here is a link


Actor-Network Theory and Systems Theory

Leave it to the #CLmooc overlords (hey, I can never figure out who the weekly leaders are, so why not?) to challenge us to think about systems theory during the Week 4 Make Cycle. While last week was a challenging one for me on many levels, I just could not let this one pass by […]

Using Google via a German Actor-Network

As a follow-up, or rather continuation, to my last post on a Rhizomatic ANT in Germany, I have been thinking about the role our ideas play in helping (challenging? confronting? supporting?) us move our actions forward. While traveling, I find myself coming back again and again to the single web presence to help me plan […]