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To Twitter to Woo: Harnessing the power of social media (SoMe) in nurse education to enhance the student’s experience: An Article Summary

I am working with some of my nursing students (and learners in general) on using Twitter as extra credit to promote professional development and presence, and suggested this article as a wonderful study for how to use Twitter within nursing education. Thus, today’s #5Papers:

1/ I read Sinclair, McLoughlin, & Warne (2015) To Twitter to […]

Twitter Extra Credit (for graduate and doctoral courses)

I want to thank the many friends and colleagues who provided me feedback on my initial idea for an extra credit assignment for my graduate and doctoral learners on Twitter. After a lot of discussion, reading, and input from some of my students, I finalized the Twitter Extra Credit Assignments for my courses, and […]

Course Extra Credit Twitter Assignment

I am developing an extra credit assignment for my graduate student around Twitter use, and would love some feedback! Any thoughts or suggestions will be appreciated, as I will hope to make this live for them later this week.

Let me give you a bit of context. I plan to adapt this


A Writing Goal, or Goals, for November

Ok, I always have more I want to write about than I have time in which to do it, but now that #DigiWriMo has officially started, insofar as there is anything official with this online writing / sharing / professional development / community-building / creativity-inducing / entertainment / (and dare I say) self-promotion fest, it […]

My Actor-Network Paper & Slides at Social Media and Society 2015

I just returned from the Social Media and Society 2015 International Conference in Toronto, and wanted to bring together some of the element from my ongoing work with actor-network theory. My paper was entitled Just What Is Social in Social Media? An Actor-Network Critique of Twitter Agency and Assumptions. Here is a link