Workplace Learning Factors & Considerations

DRAFT Workplace Learning Factors 071016v4I have a task request in my professional work (I work in Training and Knowledge Management), and have been wracking my mind as to how to approach this, that I am at the point I need to get some feedback. Would love some thoughts on this if anybody is so inclined.

There was a request to provide an overview of learning options we can select related to a potential need to develop a learning community. Rather straight-forward, though each time I looked at the breadth of options for this, other options and considerations arose. For example, the notion of build it and they will come is only a nice notion, though those of us who work in workplace learning know it is not quite that simple. In fact, there are so many considerations related to this that thinking about the end result (threaded discussion like a Discourse install, an open, collaborative, knowledge-building learning and sharing experience like CLMOOC, or even through the structured Canvas elements for something like the #HumanMOOC) is premature without considering. Why even daydream about a large system if there is little budget, or consider a mooc if there is not staffing to support it?

Thus, my dilemma. How can I speak about options without first raising the considerations (some needing answers first) that go into the factors leading to the eventual selection? Yes, this is certainly related to a stakeholder analysis and environmental scan, though I oddly could not find much already in place I could reuse. Granted, I can find lists of training modalities, individual learning perspectives in the workplace, learning ecosystems, workplace employee learning needs, and adult learning examples using social media, though nothing that really started the initial discussions around what needs to be considered before we talk about concrete options.

That is what my Workplace Learning: Factors & Considerations Before Selecting a Learning Strategy visualization is trying to capture. While it is something that needs to be developed further (this is a draft) AND is not meant to stand alone (no point in writing verbiage until the visualization is complete), I am very eager to get feedback on it, especially as this will eventually be intended for a non-education professional audience who wants to know the options for a learning community / initiative, though need help thinking through it first. Does the: Who, What, Why, When, Where, How, How much, and To what degree, in addition to general Contextual factors, work as a way of framing this discussion?

Any thoughts are most appreciated.