Shifting relations with the more-than-human: Six threshold concepts for transformative sustainability learning – An Article Summary

children-441895_1280After some time traveling for work, having done a lot of reading along the way, I am finally pausing enough to share some of what I learned via a #5Papers strategy:

1/ I read Barrett, Harmin, Maracle, Patterson, Thomson, Flowers, & Bors (2016)…

2/ …Shifting relations with the more-than-human: six threshold concepts for transformative sustainability learning

3/ via #5Papers

4/ This study explored threshold concepts related to environmental education as it impacted  transformative sustainability learning

5/ It approached environmental education from a more-than-human, natural world, perspective #5Papers

6/ This work explored the relationship between humans and the more-than-human with its own agency

7/ This environmental more-then-human notion seems somewhat related to actor-network theory and dark green religion

8/ The methodology included critical analysis of student narratives of experience, focus groups, and a chart survey

9/ They identified 6 threshold concepts for environmental and sustainability education

10/ I found this article fascinating as it opened new ways of thinking and new venues of inquiry for my own work #5Papers

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