A measure of professional identity development for professional education: An Article Summary

board-928390_1280I read a lot on my flight this week, so have a couple articles summarized for #5Papers to share. Let’s start with this one.

1/ I read Tan, Van der Molenb, & Schmidtb (2015) A measure of professional identity development for professional education http://dx.doi.org/10.1080/03075079.2015.1111322 #5Papers

2/ The work focused on professional identity, the self developed to perform competently and legitimately in the context of the profession

3/ This research created a scale and validated construct to guide to develop and evaluate professional education

4/ Factors related to professional identity development include knowledge about professional practices…

5/ …having a role model, experience of a profession, preference for a profession, and self-efficacy

6/ The study includes responses from 1295 students in a polytechnic in Singapore

7/ They validated their instrument, the Professional Identity Five-Factor Scale (PIFFS)

8/ They suggest qualitative data as a next step, and I hope also study this in other populations


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