Lessons Learned from Using Shadowing as a Qualitative Research Technique in Education: An Article Summary

meerkat-255564_1280I was unable to post this yesterday due to many work tasks in the morning, so continuing my #5Papers focus with this great methodological article today.

1/ I read Ferguson (2016) Lessons learned from using shadowing as a qualitative research technique in Education. Reflective Practice. http://dx.doi.org/10.1080/14623943.2015.1123683

2/ This was a strong autoethnographic account of Ferguson’s dissertation research that used shadowing as a qualitative research technique in Education

3/ As a methodology piece, it opens shadowing as a methodology in its own right, presenting how it was done and what was learned

4/ Lessons from the study include: shadowing is difficult and all-consuming, it is emotionally involved for participants, issues of control of the data and results flip, . . .

5/ . . . shadowing can result in close relationships, and ethical issues are murky at best.

6/ I am excited about this work and want to explore a shadowing study, now that it is coming more into its own as a methodology within the social sciences

7/ I look forward to reading more of Kristen Ferguson’s research on shadowing as a methodology http://www.nipissingu.ca/about-us/people/Pages/Kristen-Ferguson.aspx #5Papers

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