Is #rhizo15 an Echo Chamber?

Tinvasive_specieshis week’s #Rhizo15 topic is Is community learning an invasive species? My first thoughts are: No, if we turn to one another to increase and support and extend our learning, then that is the value we bring and share.

However, like nearly everything else I have experienced in this mooc, things are not as simple as they at first seem.

For those of us who often find themselves on the fringes or on the outside looking in [at the cool kids sitting together having lunch], perhaps the echo chamber notion is alive and well. I like to Tweet, though nearly all of my Tweets in the past couple of weeks has been focused inwardly on #rhizo15.

This does not imply that I am only interested in the comings and goings of this open learning experience, but rather that, in my limited time (I work FT and teach on top of that in two universities) it is very important for me to decide where to spend it. I choose to spend my time with the #rhizo15 learning group as that is where I find the most value — new ideas, challenging ideas, support, encouragement, and the like.

I am not sure how others find this, or even if my experience is common or unique, but I would surely not call #rhizo15 an echo chamber. I have had too many challenges and disagreements for it to be claimed we are all of one mind. If anything, the only commonality some of us may share is the #rhizo15 tag itself.