EduWander: An Approach to #rhizo15

walkingI have been thinking about my post yesterday, What is my #rhizo15 Learning Subjective?, especially about my Learning Subjective for #rhizo15 as:

The joy is in the journey, wherever it may lead.

and want to clarify this a bit.

Unlike the need for an ongoing, frequent set of (learning) rituals, which to Terry’s point in his well-considered post Creating Ritual Space in #Rhizo15: Why and How are frequently common for a sense of “us” in a learning community, I find that having a community out there, available via Twitter, Facebook, the Google Community, and a handful of other technologies, is enough for me this time around.

Thinking also of Barry’s Rhizomatic incitations, I notice I am not alone in my wondering and wandering. Perhaps there is a trend here?

Granted, I am a somewhat mature learner. I am self-directed. I am interested in this topic. I need it in many ways (Knowles, anybody?). I like many of those who are exploring this with me. All these things, yet I do not have clear learning objectives. While the joy is in the journey, wherever it will lead, this is far from saying I am wandering about blindly.

Quite the contrary.

Thinking of those words that are attributed to Augustine, Solvitur ambulando–It is solved by Walking.

This walking, or wandering around–quite aware of one’s terrain, reflecting on the past-present-future at once, pushed and prodded and challenged and supported by others in the learning community, aware of a certain disorientation while still trusting in the process–this the EduWanderer at its best. Not a polished term, to be sure, but I need something at this point to use to express this learning subjective. It is intentional, though open to learning and transformative experiences as they may present themselves.

I do not think I am alone in this, though have struggled thus far to articulate it. Somehow this makes it seem more real.