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Jeffrey’s Twitter Updates for 2012-09-30

@HendraAgustian Wow, that must have been a tough conversation. in reply to HendraAgustian # @saadat_m Feel better! in reply to saadat_m # @saadat_m Awful; reminds me of a fall I had when last in London in September of 2011; took my knee 6 months to fully heal, and even now... in reply to saadat_m #…

Jeffrey’s Twitter Updates for 2012-09-28

A good antidote to an impossibly difficult week is several rounds of Manhattans while watching a drag show. Gotta love #nyc # This is the first time I stood up since I got to the office today. I think I need lunch. # Powered by Twitter Tools

Jeffrey’s Twitter Updates for 2012-09-26

RT @TheDemocrats: More than a quarter of Mitt Romney's 2011 income was derived from foreign investments. # Just heard Mitt Romney mention that we cannot afford 4 more years of President Obama. Odd as these 4 years have been really generous to Mitt # Powered by Twitter Tools

Jeffrey’s Twitter Updates for 2012-09-25

RT @coocho: and #pomodoro has been very helpful in this #acwri insanity // Agreed; love #pomodoros #phdchat # @keithschofield Exellent! #phdchat in reply to keithschofield # September continues with challenges: Spencer now has a small scratch on his eye and is being treated for that in addition to everything else # @TeaAndSympathy There is an…

Jeffrey’s Twitter Updates for 2012-09-24

@joegartrell Not familiar with PERRLA. What do you use it for? #phdchat in reply to joegartrell # @mandlods Agreed. As much as I like #Scrivener it has a steep learning curve regarding its export (compile) functionality @amandamichelle in reply to mandlods # @jswann Nicely stated. @ai1sa in reply to jswann # I got three samples…