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Jeffrey Keefer

PhD in E-Research and Technology Enhanced Learning (Educational Research) ~ Learning and Development Project Manager (Clinical Education) ~ Internet Researcher ~ Adjunct Professor @NYU & @PaceU in New York City.

Research interests cover educational research and interdisciplinarity. I focus on distance and online learning, internet research, digital identity, social learning and social media, networked and technology enhanced learning, threshold concepts and liminal experiences in higher education, teaching and program design in adult and organizational learning, communities of practice, qualitative methodologies, narrative inquiry, and actor-network theory.

My professional work is at JeffreyKeefer.com

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Jeffrey’s Twitter Updates for 2012-08-31

I submitted my current #phd thesis draft to my supervisors. Analysis tomorrow as I take the rest of today off to tend to the yard #phdchat # @NSRiazat Excellent! in reply to NSRiazat #

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Jeffrey’s Twitter Updates for 2012-08-30

Thrilled to be off through Monday for the holiday weekend. Some free time AND time for my thesis! #phdchat # @BronSt I so so so appreciate it!! in reply to BronSt # @BronSt It is going slowly, but I will not settle for having it incomplete past 2012! in reply to BronSt # @BronSt [...]

Jeffrey’s Twitter Updates for 2012-08-28

Empire State Building after a cloud after today's storm #nyc http://t.co/zQRfPAlU # Empire State Building with a cloud in front after today's storm #nyc http://t.co/uA6AG2jO #

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Jeffrey’s Twitter Updates for 2012-08-27

@dahnetsa I use #MAXQDA which I think is the best of the #CAQDAS apps. Too many interviews and hundreds of codes to do with pencil #phdchat in reply to dahnetsa # @dahnetsa Well, do you mean having the software identify words or terms, or apps that help support the manual process? #phdchat in reply [...]

Jeffrey’s Twitter Updates for 2012-08-26

I just rejoined the Association of Internet Researchers #AoIR http://t.co/A90OZu8C. Seems my membership expired without my awareness. # @nancybaym Nothing like taking a critical reading skill set and setting it toward spam. Do I smell a conference reference coming up?!?! in reply to nancybaym # @nancybaym Maybe it is a better offer? If so, [...]