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Jeffrey’s Twitter Updates for 2012-03-31

My first Tweet all day; got home from a busier than normal day at the office, and worked on my Methodology chapter all night #phdchat # Powered by Twitter Tools

Jeffrey’s Twitter Updates for 2012-03-30

@HendraAgustian What brought you there, as opposed to elsewhere or where you were from? in reply to HendraAgustian # @HendraAgustian What makes for an international curriculum? in reply to HendraAgustian # @HendraAgustian I taught middle and high school for 10 years. Gradually worked my way to teaching adults. in reply to HendraAgustian # @avdbmt @torresk…

Jeffrey’s Twitter Updates for 2012-03-29

@ai1sa Yes, I am bringing my iPad, though will only have regular access on my iPhone #nlc2012 in reply to ai1sa # @ai1sa I am always up for meeting at the hotel bar, though perhaps there after dinner? Want to eat in the city at least on Sunday! #nlc2012 in reply to ai1sa # @ai1sa…

Jeffrey’s Twitter Updates for 2012-03-28

@Lemness Indeed; W. 4th Street in New York City -- the entire length of it is magical to me #NYC in reply to Lemness # @noahsparks BTW, we have been doing more work with the initial #Yammer site at work; some small grassroots efforts are moving it along. in reply to noahsparks # @noahsparks How…

Jeffrey’s Twitter Updates for 2012-03-27

@klbz Thanks for the feedback. Kolb never did anything for me; never found him terribly useful. in reply to klbz # @JaneBozarth It came just in time, as I am using one of the 5 approaches he discusses! #phdhcat in reply to JaneBozarth # @JaneBozarth Even as I am uncompensated! in reply to JaneBozarth #…