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Jeffrey Keefer

PhD in E-Research and Technology Enhanced Learning (Educational Research) ~ Learning and Development Project Manager (Clinical Education) ~ Internet Researcher ~ Adjunct Professor @NYU & @PaceU in New York City.

Research interests cover educational research and interdisciplinarity. I focus on distance and online learning, internet research, digital identity, social learning and social media, networked and technology enhanced learning, threshold concepts and liminal experiences in higher education, teaching and program design in adult and organizational learning, communities of practice, qualitative methodologies, narrative inquiry, and actor-network theory.

My professional work is at JeffreyKeefer.com

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Jeffrey’s Twitter Updates for 2012-01-31

Hardly able to keep my eyes open. Early night ahead with a full day drive home tomorrow. # Kudos again to #Continental for helping us switch to an earlier flight into Syracuse. Landed. # I told the flight crew and they fished out a plugged in cell phone. But as they say in #nyc [...]

Jeffrey’s Twitter Updates for 2012-01-30

@lizith Very true. There is no shortage of qual methods texts, though some are used more than others for various reasons. #phdchat in reply to lizith # @JackieKirkham @lindathestar Not familiar with them. Back to Amazon for a look see #phdchat in reply to JackieKirkham # @merry30 Can you recall what about Flick was [...]

Jeffrey’s Twitter Updates for 2012-01-29

Had a phenomenal dinner at Zum Storch am Dom in Frankfurt. # @gconole @francesbell Goodness, now I am afraid to see them as well perhaps in dim light? Very dim light . . . in reply to gconole # I walked around Sachsenhausen all afternoon, with a lovely visit to the St├Ądel and stroll [...]

Jeffrey’s Twitter Updates for 2012-01-28

@cristinacost Great question; let me know when you have an answer, as I want to know the same! in reply to cristinacost # @united If those are the best times to fly, why can't I find affordable fares at the end of March to Brussels?! in reply to united # What a long day. [...]

Jeffrey’s Twitter Updates for 2012-01-27

This is my first time traveling with m iPad alone ( no laptop), and it is the best tech decision I have made all year. # @vigdissj I wish! I do not seem to know anybody in Frankfurt. Not good with meeting people f2f first without an online relationship first? in reply to vigdissj [...]