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Jeffrey’s Twitter Updates for 2011-12-31

@robinyap Thank you; will look forward to seeing your new one! in reply to robinyap # @lynntrinko Agreed; much healthier to reflect and learn and embrace the future than feel constrained by it. in reply to lynntrinko # I tried to summarize my year before I prepare for 2012; how about you? Out with […]

Out with the Old, or How did we do in 2011?

As we near the end of 2011, I have to wonder about how the year went. No, I do not mean in the news or the international stage or the weather, but rather where am I now? How did I do? How am I doing now? Perhaps looking back to debrief will help me look […]

Jeffrey’s Twitter Updates for 2011-12-30

@tammyYTwong @heidareed Very true, though nice to be reminder of it from time to time. in reply to tammyYTwong # @heidareed Phew! in reply to heidareed # Alas, nothing but problems with #TweetDeck since #Twitter bought it. Goodness, are they becoming like Microsoft or Cisco? # Seems my TweetDeck is not updating. # @aeratcliffe […]

Jeffrey’s Twitter Updates for 2011-12-29

Was lovely to stop by and work through this thinking. I have very much missed this. Will have to catch up later. Happy New Year #phdchat # Just noticed that the new Twitter lists real names BEFORE usernames. No wonder I recognize avatars but not names afterward! #phdchat # @jenny_wakefield Can you talk more […]

Threshold Concepts Conference 2012 Paper Accepted

I am happy to share that a paper I co-authored for the 4th Biennial Threshold Concepts Conference was just accepted for presentation during the conference in Dublin, Ireland. My co-author, again Gale Parchoma, and I have it tentatively titled The Experience of Interdisciplinarity in Doctoral Research: Threshold Journeys.

This will be an especially exciting […]