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Avatar and Game Design with Clark Aldrich

After taking 2 somewhat quiet weeks (of reading, with little synchronous or even formal online participation) in the #change11 MOOC, I am glad to be able to spend a little time this week with the current area of discussion as facilitated by Clark Aldrich. While Clark will speak about Advanced Learning Strategies and Designing Sims, […]

Jeffrey’s Twitter Updates for 2011-11-30

@TheDruidNetwork I suppose it can be used as a communal (and Google-able) outreach to a wider audience. in reply to TheDruidNetwork # @TheDruidNetwork Depends if you want to meet people where they are. in reply to TheDruidNetwork # @TheDruidNetwork It is suprising how Twitter can reach an entirely new and different audience than the […]

Jeffrey’s Twitter Updates for 2011-11-29

@LizDobsonUoH After 14 hours of work, just feel happy for persistence, if nothing else. It is good for the rest of us to see. #phdchat in reply to LizDobsonUoH # @ai1sa Nice work. #phdchat in reply to ai1sa # @klbz Excellent! #justshootme #phdchat in reply to klbz # @coltsfrenzy I am not sure if […]

Correlation Does Not Imply Causation & ANT

If this does not support an actor-network theory approach to organizational politics (or the challenges associated with applying quantitative methods to social behaviors), then the black boxes we create to compartmentalize and explain behaviors needs a swift review!


Jeffrey’s Twitter Updates for 2011-11-28

Took a wall from one end of the High Line park to the other. Amazing view over what will become Hudson Yards. #nyc # @Notaphdthesis @GBDataStream Quite interesting; have not seen this done before. in reply to Notaphdthesis # @betsyweber I so wish I could right now; so much to see in London, just […]