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Thesis Update: Here Comes the Transcription (so let’s move forward!)

After taking perhaps a bit too much time off from working on my doctoral thesis upon my return from BERA in London in September, I realized time has been moving along as it does, though I have not been making active progress in my research. I have been thinking about it (and I really do […]

Jeffrey’s Twitter Updates for 2011-10-31

@ai1sa I tend to use Twitter all the time, and that is where my network is. However, I like the notification features #FB offers for groups in reply to ai1sa # @salma_patel @ai1sa I personally do not like #FB as I find it an elusive corporate entity, though trying to find some value there. […]

Jeffrey’s Twitter Updates for 2011-10-30

@savasavasava Ouch, no vouchers or a knight to take home or anything? in reply to savasavasava # @savasavasava The power really went out at Medieval Times? Tell them to fight with torches, like the old days. in reply to savasavasava # @jeandanielmtl Yes, it is indeed a challenge. in reply to jeandanielmtl # @savasavasava […]

Jeffrey’s Twitter Updates for 2011-10-29

@LoneGuldbrandt I like the website you created for the #change11 MOOC. I tried to subscribe to it, though had trouble. Do subscriptions work # @daciatakesnote @literarychica Twitter or those on Twitter? I wonder if there can be one without the other? #phdchat in reply to daciatakesnote # @qui_oui SurveyMonkey has a free basic version […]

Jeffrey’s Twitter Updates for 2011-10-28

This is a test tweet using Siri # @SueFolley @nsriazat @janshs Yes, and yet I wonder why they seem across the board to be a challenge for doctoral students. #phdchat in reply to SueFolley # @SueFolley @nsriazat @janshs in reply to SueFolley # @VerizonWireless I missed all vm in the past week. Rrrr. # […]