Ailsa, all I can wonder now is when you will sit the viva / defend and be done?! Wow, that is deep, and helps me gather more insights into ANT, something that always seems just beyond my grasp.

I so appreciate your taking the time to respond again, especially given your schedule. Not that I am asking you to continue to reply, but your response has urged my thinking back to the initial definition. If there are multiple ways of enacting this MOOC, what is the unifying element about which to say we are doing something together that is MOOC-related, or just talking online? Aren’t there some unspoken learning intentions we bring to this that have some overlap with one another?

In other words, there must be some focus around which the course comes into being, and you have now helped me to consider that it may be useful for me to clarify my own intentions and interests in why I am participating, namely another post tomorrow. Suffice it to say that we cannot expect similar outcomes if this will be open and non-learning objective oriented. Even in this, don’t we (even informally) establish our often-unspoken or unclear learning objectives, those reasons why we engage with others around the #change11 tag? Furthermore, don’t we often measure them using vague terms such as “It was good” or “I wish the teacher spoke more” etc.?