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Digital Scholarship and You (or me!) in #change11

This week in the free online course #change MOOC, the focus was around Digital Scholarship. Based around the work of Martin Weller (who facilitated the session) and his book The Digital Scholar (which is currently available open-source on the publisher's website), the focus was around some of the changes technology is bringing to higher education and scholarship. As my…

Jeffrey’s Twitter Updates for 2011-09-30

Uploaded more pics from my trip to the UK; this time pics of Glastonbury with Stonehenge before # Feel I am dragging today; I think I am getting sick. # @suifaijohnmak I will submit one (perhaps 2) papers for consideration. However, I can only attend #nlc2012 if one gets accepted. Costly. # @suifaijohnmak…


Hey, Tweets can be a challenge to find later, so I want to archive (so to speak) my own little burst of creativity (or what passes for me as creativity)--Twitterburst. #twitterburst, for those of you purists who must have the hash!

A Visit to Glastonbury

After visiting Stonehenge, we went on to visit Glastonbury, where we visited the Glastonbury Tor - saw some sheep - went to the spiritually-awakening Chalice Well - saw the ruins of the ancient abbey - and finally walked through the lovely, and pagan-inspired town -

Jeffrey’s Twitter Updates for 2011-09-29

@Lemness @gawbul Interested as well #phdchat # @suifaijohnmak Are you considering submitting for #nlc2012 or perhaps attending it? # I really enjoyed the #change11 session today where @mweller spoke about digital scholarship; it gave me some insights into my own research. # @shahcenter How do you find #change11 so far? # @savasavasava Did you actually…