Jeffrey’s Twitter Updates for 2011-06-30

  • OK, time for me to take a little break and go for my first bike ride of the calendar year while it is still light out. #
  • @SueFolley @srossmktg TweetDeck works nicely when I am using it, though it does not keep up with all the Tweets during the day :-( #phdchat #
  • It seems #phdchat has so many Tweets that my TweetDeck cannot keep up; anybody know if they are posted? #
  • @srossmktg Have had similar experiences. I had the longest discussion I ever had on #phdchat recently @savasavasava #
  • Goodness, I see I have been replying to #phdchat Tweets from yesterday. My time and discussions fly! #
  • @cambgirl @NSRiazat @sarahthesheepu @savvyod @amcunningham "Doctoral researcher" sounds like research of doctoral experiences #phdchat #
  • @ScholarAtLarge @NSRiazat @SavvyOD I work in clinical education in a non-profit & we have lots of (professional) doctoral students #phdchat #
  • @cambgirl Everything I do is a complicated, as I research the doctoral experience! @NSRiazat @ASBO_Allstar @ScholarAtLarge @SavvyOD #phdchat #
  • @cambgirl I refer to myself as a doctoral student @NSRiazat @ASBO_Allstar @ScholarAtLarge @SavvyOD #phdchat #
  • @SueFolley Sounds like a good first step to pilot the questions. #
  • @gordonr @4KM Thanks for the #Latour reference! #
  • @christiepooh I agree completely. A national flat tax would make things a little more just, ehh? @peoplegogy #
  • @christiepooh Goodness, do you think Michele Bachmann speaks to everybody like that because she thinks the American people are her kids too? #
  • How can I have 5 meetings back to back today? #
  • @savasavasava Goodness, perhaps you just need to finish what you are doing with some of them and bookmark / close them! #
  • @lizith That sounds very intensive. What enormous spreadsheets you must have!! @cristinacost #phdchat #
  • @kiwicito Goodness, still sounds like a big study. Does this mean you are well on your MRes way? @suefolley @jjgosden @merry30 #phdchat #
  • @merry30 You are using mixed methods? @SueFolley @kiwicito @JJGosden #phdchat #
  • @cristinacost Goodness, how did you do all that manually? #phdchat #
  • Goodness, the time! Have to ready for work, and alas, in the middle of so many things of interest. Will catch up . . . #
  • @cristinacost I use #MAXQDA with Parallels. Works quite well that way. #phdchat #
  • @peoplegogy Yes, like the wealthy will use WalMart or Dollar General. No trickle down in practice. #
  • @ASBO_Allstar @cristinacost That is great for traditional students, but not helpful if distance is involved #phdchat #
  • @SueFolley @cristinacost No discounts, so I had to consider #MAXQDA and #AtlasTI I chose the former #phdchat #
  • @SueFolley Interesting and useful. I am studying doctoral experiences of being stuck while developing as researchers #phdchat #
  • @SueFolley @kiwicito @JJGosden @merry30 I think #NVivo is so outrageously expensive for students; leaves a bad taste with me. #phdchat #
  • @peoplegogy How will the poor who vote for Republicans benefit from more Vuitton or Prada or Mercedes sales? #
  • @peoplegogy I know, as if anything from the rich trickles down to the poor. #
  • @SueFolley What are you studying, anyway? @kiwicito @JJGosden @merry30 #phdchat #
  • @SueFolley @kiwicito @JJGosden @merry30 I personally am shooting for 15-20, or until saturation, of course! #phdchat #
  • @SueFolley @kiwicito @JJGosden @merry30 I swear by #MAXQDA #NVivo was not friendly-priced for students. #phdchat #
  • @peoplegogy I think Reagan had a general concern for people, but not this current crowd. #
  • @Zimbarama I trust neither Google nor FB. They are both huge corps trying to suck in my time, making money by selling my whereabouts. #
  • @kiwicito @JJGosden @suefolley @merry30 18 interviews for a pilot? Good gods, have you quite your job and hired a staff?! #phdchat #
  • @peoplegogy How do you think that blindness is maintained so well? #
  • @kiwicito Any reply yet? #
  • @rlk300 Getting better finally. Nothing like feeling disconnected and then moving forward a bit. #
  • @Zimbarama @savasavasava After wasting hours trying to understand Wave, Google reminds me of Microsoft; throw money at a loosing game. #
  • @peoplegogy Reminds me of when I used to be a Republican. The most satisfying thing was feeling so self-righteous. Good times. #
  • @4KM Good point. @kiwicito, have you tried that? #phdchat #
  • @IClaudiai @NSRiazat @mkooleady Goodness, sorry to be such a distraction! If only to help move your thinking along! #phdchat #
  • @Zimbarama @savasavasava No, never too late to compete; just change the rules. However, I do not trust Google. #
  • @peoplegogy Quite scary indeed. I suppose there are all sorts. #
  • @debrockstroh Blink twice and it seems like I miss everything! BTW, the oatmeal is so good! #
  • Michele Bachmann speaks slowly with little words like talking to children. Is she speaking down to people, or are her followers that simple? #
  • @klang67 I am sure your flowers and bushes will appreciate the progress! #
  • @kiwicito 3 times as long is not bad. I find an hour of interview takes about 5-6 hours #phdchat #
  • @savasavasava I also have an issue with lots of tabs. Am realizing if I do not get something addressed in 2 days or so, it will not happen. #
  • @savasavasava Do you really think Google+ will take off? After all the Wave interest, lots of nothing. #
  • Enjoying coffee and blueberry oatmeal while catching up on Tweets and emails. So many interesting things to read about. #
  • @4KM Was that from a new Latour paper or speech? #

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Jeffrey’s Twitter Updates for 2011-06-29

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Jeffrey’s Twitter Updates for 2011-06-28

  • Thanks for the semi-structured interview protocol pilot feedback; I blogged about the rich experience here #phdchat #
  • @PatParslow Goodness, in so many ways it seems the US system is finally hitting the UK. Not fun at all. #
  • @PatParslow What will the effect be in practice? #
  • @lizgloyn Amazing how education gets cut; I am convinced this is because it does not generate revenue. #
  • Headed to our Queens office today to prepare for the graduation of the nurses who just completed our geriatric education program. #
  • @Merlien Take it easy today; there is always tomorrow. #
  • @martin_eve @lizgloyn @jennifermjones @PatParslow Thanks. Are these education issues university or younger (I do not know the term) level? #
  • @AskJasperLim Excellent. Do you think meat was involved in your not feeling well? #

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To Pilot, or Not to Pilot; THAT is the question + 52 Answers

As I am preparing to begin my search for participants for my doctoral thesis research, I received a suggestion last week to consider a pilot. Not sure why I had not thought about this before, but that is what having active supervisors and a supportive community of doctoral colleagues is for–help point out things when we miss them ourselves. Seemed like a good idea, though I wanted to get some feedback as to the processes.

Let me be clear, it was suggested (and I agreed) to pilot my semi-structured interview questions, not my research purpose and research questions (I have research evidence from the past 2 years and some literature that suggests this is a real issue that we do not know much about). If I pilot my questions, it can help me determine if they are the right questions (they will give me answers to my research questions and link to my problem and purpose). Nothing like having the opportunity to ask the interview questions and then discuss / debrief them with some people. I think I wrote interview questions that will get me what I want to know, though piloting the interview questions may just be the best way to find out.

Yes, I do follow the suggestions and recommendations of my supervisors, but how about the larger community of doctoral learners (some of whom may even ultimately participate in my study!!) who may have some suggestions for piloting these questions? With this in mind I asked my online doctoral community, #phdchat:

I then received a number of responses, and followed up with one more direct request for thoughts and suggestions and help and support:

The result is there is general consensus that piloting my semi-structured interview questions is useful, though that is not the only thing I learned in this process. I learned that there is power in community, as my two initial posts, along with my individual responses to what others suggested, resulted in 52 responses to me from a number of my doctoral colleagues. They shared their stories, what worked, what did not, what they learned, who to read for more information, and so on. Overall, I am amazed at how generous this network of fellow doctoral colleagues, most of whom I have never met face-to-face though with whom I have established various levels of relationship with, is when there is a need and sharing with one another is just the support that is needed. Can this indeed be a component of a community of practice?

Yes, my supervisors are wonderful, though my fellow colleagues cannot be underestimated!


Jeffrey’s Twitter Updates for 2011-06-27

  • Remnants of the Pride Parade are still all over the Village. I even had trouble just now getting to my garage #NYC #Pride. #
  • What are all these references filling my Twitter stream about Gove? #
  • @Eingang 😉 #
  • @savasavasava Exactly; anything if it helps, I suppose. #
  • @NSRiazat Thanks for the heads-up with this, very helpful #phdchat #
  • @Eingang @lizith I value my #CPsquare work. It is such that its value is not immediately apparent; it grows and develops as a community. #
  • @Eingang @lizith Gkad I saw this in my Friends stream, as my name was mispelled so a Mention would not pick it up. #
  • @savasavasava Referring to it as piloting my semi-structured interview protocol. My study is ready to go (pending these questions). #
  • @4KM I needed a chuckle; anything to relieve stress before it does me in! #
  • @AskJasperLim So hope you feel better. Horrible experience we have all shared. #
  • @4KM 😉 If only discussions about experience were replicable! Would be a boring life, ehh? @kiwicito @aeratcliffe @hummingbird604 #phdchat #
  • @savasavasava Not sure; I am unclear of the value in transcribing or coding. Only want my questions to lead to an interesting discussion. #
  • @aephd Quite helpful; thanks! Forgot all about that text; I have it . . . #phdchat #
  • @TheBluOtter Yes, and now we simply have to do them!! #
  • @aephd How are you physically structuring this on your own form / device, to distinguish between the focal questions and probes? #phdchat #
  • @hummingbird604 @kiwicito @aeratcliffe Not necessarily replicable if engaged in qualitative research; I agree about systematic way #phdchat #
  • @aephd Great technique! Reminds me of the #Pomodoro process, though a little simpler. How many did you ultimately come up with? #phdchat #
  • @aephd Yes; that is exactly it. Looking for things that will address my research questions #phdchat #
  • Enough house work; time to work on my studies. Today's goal is to finish the draft of my Semi-Structured Interview Protocol #phdchat #
  • @kiwicito Not a fun thing; I had a large screw in a tire 3 weeks ago. #
  • @merry30 I don't use @scrivenerapp as file management system; I like how it helps me write in non-linear chunks #phdchat #
  • @Eingang @lizith Yes, I am a member; great community of people. #
  • Be Stress-Free: Eliminate 5 Common, Unnecessary Stressors #
  • @aeratcliffe @annaoverseas @merry30 That is not needed on a Mac, what with its Spotlight search #phdchat #
  • @aeratcliffe Cool. What does that mean? #phdchat #
  • As the climate changes more and more quickly, I think New York now has a rainy season. #
  • @lizith @kiwicito I was also thinking about autoethonography, though that is why I asked about what "justifying" it means #phdchat #
  • @lizith I think you way of phrasing this for @kiwicito is right on #phdchat #
  • @kiwicito Tell me what you mean by "justify it"? Can you give an example perhaps of what you have in mind? #phdchat #
  • @kiwicito Ouch; I thought your interviews were all done? #phdchat #
  • @kiwicito You mean you want to use data over 4 years or personal observation to demonstrate a problem? @hummingbird604 @aeratcliffe #phdchat #
  • @JaneBozarth Agreed, we do not want to fatigue interviewees as they make our studies possible! #
  • @cambgirl Great point; thanks! #phdchat #
  • @PapersGenius Got it; thanks! #
  • @PapersGenius If done mid-way, that would mean I would not be able to use the initial data? #phdchat #
  • @gtombs Do you think you would have gotten different data / findings? #phdchat #
  • @christiepooh Fantastic price. They are already on sale?! #
  • @JaneBozarth Did you go back to discuss with the original people? #

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Jeffrey’s Twitter Updates for 2011-06-26

  • @cambgirl Can you suggest any resources for properly structuring a pilot study? I can only find general suggestions. #phdchat #
  • @NSRiazat It was suggested this will make my overall study stronger. The Viva may inquire about why I did or did not do one #phdchat #
  • @NSRiazat I am also wondering about this, as I am doing semi-structured interviews, so can change along the way. #phdchat #
  • @NSRiazat The pilot study was just suggested to me. Not sure why, but it never occurred to me. I instantly saw its potential value. #phdchat #
  • @PapersGenius How does this work with your research? @OwhyOwhy #phdchat #
  • @OwhyOwhy I am definitely doing a qualitative study. I am focused on how people make meaning #phdchat @PapersGenius #
  • @OwhyOwhy I am not trying to save time at the expense of quality and potentially valuable findings #phdchat #
  • @JaneBozarth Develop the interview protocol and test it with a few people to pilot the questions? How do you suggest choosing these people? #
  • @carlosl824 That is an assumption I have never made! #
  • @aephd Are you suggesting to still use the pilot data toward the final data? #phdchat #
  • @NSRiazat @PapersGenius @gtombs @cambgirl @OwhyOwhy @JaneBozarth @aephd Thanks for your most helpful feedback about a pilot study #phdchat #
  • @christiepooh I had no idea a concert tour was in the works. Very interested in going if and when here in #NYC #
  • @skirrid You may just find my program at #Lancs also to your liking. . . #
  • Have a number of Tweets to reply to once this endless drive is finished #phdchat #
  • Thanks to my #phdchat colleagues for some feedback about pilot testing semi-structured interview questions. Any other experiences to share? #
  • Finished bottling the wine. I now have a good amount of fantastic Chateauneuf. #
  • @NSRiazat Great. Were they interviews you did? How long extra did it take, and what did you learn that changed your direction? #phdchat #
  • Am thinking about piloting my doctoral study to test my semi-structured research protocol. Any guidelines or experiences to share? #phdchat #
  • @christiepooh Erasure tickets are available already? #
  • @skirrid Goodness, that must be a difficult experience. Time for next plans to begin to form; onward and upward. #
  • Enough for today; tomorrow will find me bottling that barrel of wine that has been aging all year. Can't wait to try it. #
  • @4KM Celebrate and maintain that balance at all costs! #
  • @4KM You well? #
  • @4KM Just received IRB approval to begin, so working on my research protocol and then to begin some piloting. #phdchat #
  • @4KM Yes, we are working to maintain that. #
  • @4KM Agreed. Have you had an interesting, recent experience? #
  • @PapersGenius 😉 #
  • Via @MindShiftKQED: 30 Facebook Dos and Don'ts for College Professors #phdchat #
  • @PapersGenius And I may just reach out to you about my research! #phdchat #
  • @OKLibrarian Thanks for the suggestions. I have not found Google Scholar very helpful. Have you? #phdchat #

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Jeffrey’s Twitter Updates for 2011-06-25

  • @lizgloyn Yes, I would stay away from that one when trying to comfort people. #
  • Google To Shutter PowerMeter & Google Health Projects via @mashabletech @mashable #
  • @spinuzzi Did it help you to relax? #
  • @skirrid Goodness, what happened? #
  • Something is happening on 12th St between 6th and 7th; far too many police. #NYC #
  • Sitting on the roof in the last glimpses of daylight, I hear people yelling and laughing. Odd, to hear over the roof vents and wind. #NYC #
  • @PapersGenius Any instructions or videos about #Livfe #Papers2 #phdchat #
  • @martin_eve What did you present on? #phdchat #
  • Ate a wonderful dinner, and now to enjoy the last few minutes of daylight reading away on the roof. #
  • Any tricks for creating database notifications to remain current once a literature review is completed? #phdchat #
  • @PapersGenius Can you talk a little about what #Papers2 #Livfe is? #PapersApp #phdchat #
  • RT @PapersGenius: Papers Livfe is Live! let the collaborations begin! @livfe @papersapp #phd #phdchat #
  • @webnemesis Not to mention that new Twitter does not like older browsers. #
  • Goodness; I went to bed before 10 last night. Could not stay awake to save me. #

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