Provisional PhD Proposal Acceptance

I am happy to share I received initial approval for my PhD proposal:

“Your confirmation has been approved subject to some minor amendments to your proposal.  You should address these points and resubmit your document”

I am now working on 2 specific items, as per the Panel Chair’s summation of the panel’s feedback, and hope to have them submitted to my supervisors by the end of the weekend for their review prior to my resubmission. As I am reading the feedback, I will only revise and expand upon what was suggested, not on every point raised by the panel — that I will save for the doctoral thesis research itself once I get the final green light!

I expect to be reaching out to a number of my doctoral student colleagues, especially those associated with our Twitter doctoral learner network, #phdchat, in the near future for some chats about my impending research.

I have a lot of people to thank for their support along the way . . .