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Jeffrey’s Twitter Updates for 2010-04-30

It seems in Germany and Denmark, they serve wine with a glass of water or seltzer. I like that. # Just saw a group of 4 guys order a bottle of Jack in an ice bucket. Do I smell early hang over? # Found a place for a drink where there is no smoking. Started…

Jeffrey’s Twitter Updates for 2010-04-30

Spent so much time walking around #Munich today, that I fell asleep as soon as I sat on the bed, even before food. # Got off the tour bus to explore, and am not sure where its next stop is. Time for coffee, then. # Did not know I needed to have my train ticket…

German Breakfast

I eat so many pretzels in New York, that I forget they trace their roots elsewhere.

Munich Train Map to Central Station

I could not figure out how to buy a train ticket to get to Munich Central Station; could not find the map (this is on the train) until after the ticket machines.

Jeffrey’s Twitter Updates for 2010-04-28

The German accent sounds so official, while also oozing confidence. I feel I am in good hands (or at least I want to believe). # The pilot on #Lufthansa is now explaining to us in English, with a German accent, why the flight was late. Sounds so official. # Just got onto the #Lufthansa plane,…