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Jeffrey’s Twitter Updates for 2010-01-31

Enough tech for today. Off to read some paper materials for the evening. Night, Twitterverse. # Enjoyed the wine tapping party so much, I went into part of another barrel! # Super Tuscany # About to taste my Super Tuscany at the wine tapping party. # Going to the facility in New Jersey where…

Jeffrey’s Twitter Updates for 2010-01-30

The tailor fixed the zipper on my leather jacket. He does absolutely amazing work. # I am 66% addicted to Twitter from the magical @oatmeal # I just tried Facebook's new Email Reply feature; like it. # I am new to Twibes; what value does it add that Twitter Lists does not? #…

Transcription Completion for Public Transformations Research

I have completed the transcriptions for my research (a bit later than I hoped, but it is moving forward), and am beginning to analyze it. Some of the transcripts for the 8 interviews I conducted still need to be sent to the research participants for member checking, but all that is underway. My initial review…

Jeffrey’s Twitter Updates for 2010-01-29

The contractors have left, so now time to clean clean clean. # The 3 installers are still working on the shelves. I am getting tired watching them. # RT @jimgroom: RT @oldaily WordPress. A good argument for a domain of one's own. (thanks @psychmedia) # Staying home today to manage a furniture delivery and…

Jeffrey’s Twitter Updates for 2010-01-28

Exchanged La Boheme tickets at lunch today. # Worked on test and instrument design all morning. # 2 new comments on "Sarah's Musings" and more # Powered by Twitter Tools