Hi Jeffrey, thanks for the compliment. I have yet to hear how it was received. I know I passed, but I haven’t had my actual grade back. I’m not overly optimistic, because the university is something of a late adopter, and most of the faculty were somewhat befuddled by it all.

Academically speaking, I don’t really have any ‘next steps’. I have one more option to submit towards the Masters’ award. I have no plans for a PhD at this stage.

Professionally speaking, I will just keep chipping away in my various virtual and physical spaces and hope to further my pet cause of learner empowerment.

As to your point (to Britta) about the wealth of research material that remains unpublished and therefore unavailable… this is a hot topic for me, too. All that blood sweat and tears locked away in the bowels of some university library whence it can only be retrieved by library staff for use on the premises! Researchers are probably raking over the same patch over and ever, never to know what others have already done. See my rant on the subject. This was one reason I decided to put my project online. I have no delusions of grandeur, but it may save someone else a little trouble. Hey, maybe that someone will turn out to be you! ;o)