HI Jeffrey,

Not to blow my own horn, but….

Yes, my central work is in performative social science ( I do NOT call it ‘performance ethnography’). I was the chief editor of the FQS special issue (http://www.qualitative-research.net/index.php/fqs/issue/view/10)
on the topic and my ‘manifesto’ article is now widely cited:
A Biographic Researcher in Pursuit of an Aesthetic: The use of arts-based (re)presentations in “performative” dissemination of life stories

Also see The Continuing Development of a Performative Social Science at Bournemouth’s Centre for Qualitative Research

Also the editorial for FQS that Mary Gergen and I wrote is informative as to the state of play of PSS:
Editorial: A Conversation about Performative Social Science by Mary Gergen and Kip Jones

In a nutshell, PSS is the use of the arts and humanities in research and dissemination of qualitative work. Denzin first coined the term, ‘performative’, but then went in his more political direction, defining performative in a narrower way (plays and poetry?) than I. My definition is more inclusive of all of the arts, including, but also beyond, just ‘performance’ or theatrical dissemination.


Dr Kip Jones
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