Jeffrey’s Twitter Updates for 2009-05-31

  • Watching a bird wash itself in a puddle next to the tracks. It looks so happy and energetic and enjoying itself. No place like home. #
  • Landed in Newark. Beautiful outside. Taking the Rail Link to NJ Transit to the PATH. #
  • Plane is finally here and emptying out nicely. #
  • Need a coffee before boarding the plane, especially after 3 glasses of wine and a Baily’s. #
  • CNN is not so depressing after a few glasses of wine. #
  • At the Northwest / Continetal Club in O’Hare. Continental moves this to the United Club tomorrow. #
  • The trains in Chicago are a mess on the weekend. Had to switch to a bus for 45 minutes and now waiting for another train. Like NY weekends. #
  • Now, off to O’Hare. #
  • Got some good feedback from my CIQ presentation. Will blog a bit about it. Thank you for the support! #

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Jeffrey’s Twitter Updates for 2009-05-30

  • Just got the projector attached to my computer. If anybody is in Chicago and wants to discuss the CIQ, I am in 5008 at National Louis Univ. #
  • On my way to present my paper on the CIQ now. #
  • Enjoyed the Art Institute one last time tonight. #
  • I think it is interesting that the 2009 Graduate Student Award for AERC was given to a (white) Africanist Scholar. Very progressive. #
  • At the 50th Annual Adult Education Research Conference #AERC2009 Business Meeting at Navy Pier. #

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Excitement at O’Hare

Not sure why there are so many emergency vehicles, police, fire, ambulance, and other unmarked vehicles with flashing lights awaiting a US Airways plane, but when it finally landed, all seemed in order. More pictures here.

Jeffrey’s Twitter Updates for 2009-05-29

  • Finally getting a late dinner at Elephant and Castle. I have been to these before, but always forget about the one in NYC. #
  • At the Art Institute, enjoying the pain of Bruce Nauman. #
  • Off to the Art Institute of Chicago for me later this evening. It is free on Thursday and Friday evenings after 5:00 pm! #
  • Just got back to my hotel after a full day of AERC2009. Will work on the slides for my presentation on Saturday morning. #

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The Enactment of Hegemony through Identity Construction: Insights from the Presentation of Self in Everyday Life

This is one of the presentations that is on a subject matter that I am most interested in—hegemony and identity construction. The hegemony and its shifting use is based on the work of Goffman (1959), a sociologist with dramaturgical analysis (performance) & Brookfield (2005)

Group identity: historical and cultural constructs that shapes “norms, values, and beliefs” (Richer, 2004), as well as Wenger (1998), Hall (1997)

The position from which we speak involves many levels of our own “identity”

Hegemony and the performance of identity—on the macro and micro (individual) levels. Hegemony is the power to determine the impression that is wanted to be conveyed.

This presentation is fascinating thus far, and I have a lot more texts to look for. If only I were not so itchy from all the little green bugs that started climbing all over me and my bag while sitting in the park outside the Art Institute. The bugs are harmless (I hope and believe), and are only out and about because it is spring, warm, and sunny here in Chicago. Let’s just hope they stay out of my laptop and do not travel back to New York with me.

I love the titles of these slides—Hegemony and the Performance of Identity. I am having trouble seeing how this is all  organized, and I think this is because I came into the presentation while she was reviewing the agenda for the presentation. As a socialization process, we tend to give deference or respect based on mutual understandings.

Goffman gives 5 socialization processes:

  1. presentation of abstract and general information
  2. dramatic realization—enforcement of myths as truths
  3. idealized view of the situation
  4. maintenance of expressive control
  5. social distance

The presenter is so animated and passionate about her subject matter that she is giving a dynamic presentation, but I wish there were some interaction among the participants. Looking around the room now, I see heads nodding and people losing attention. This is too bad, as her subject matter is so valuable and important for this audience as adult educators.

Really good point – as we do not see hegemony, we constantly have to ask what is normal and what is ok.

One area for future research—how do adult learners create structures that resist that one question / issue in a situation.

An audience member mentioned another author, Callero, who seems to have parallel structures with those mentioned throughout the presentation.