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Jeffrey’s Twitter Updates for 2009-05-31

Watching a bird wash itself in a puddle next to the tracks. It looks so happy and energetic and enjoying itself. No place like home. # Landed in Newark. Beautiful outside. Taking the Rail Link to NJ Transit to the PATH. # Plane is finally here and emptying out nicely. # Need a coffee before…

Jeffrey’s Twitter Updates for 2009-05-30

Just got the projector attached to my computer. If anybody is in Chicago and wants to discuss the CIQ, I am in 5008 at National Louis Univ. # On my way to present my paper on the CIQ now. # Enjoyed the Art Institute one last time tonight. # I think it is interesting that…

Excitement at O’Hare

Not sure why there are so many emergency vehicles, police, fire, ambulance, and other unmarked vehicles with flashing lights awaiting a US Airways plane, but when it finally landed, all seemed in order. More pictures here.

Jeffrey’s Twitter Updates for 2009-05-29

Finally getting a late dinner at Elephant and Castle. I have been to these before, but always forget about the one in NYC. # At the Art Institute, enjoying the pain of Bruce Nauman. # Off to the Art Institute of Chicago for me later this evening. It is free on Thursday and Friday evenings…

The Enactment of Hegemony through Identity Construction: Insights from the Presentation of Self in Everyday Life

This is one of the presentations that is on a subject matter that I am most interested in—hegemony and identity construction. The hegemony and its shifting use is based on the work of Goffman (1959), a sociologist with dramaturgical analysis (performance) & Brookfield (2005) Group identity: historical and cultural constructs that shapes “norms, values, and…