Kiki and Erin are both making valuable points.

Autoethnography is a new concept to me, but from the little I have read so far, I have the impression that many of the questions you want to answer would be addressed and documented anyway through the autoethnographic method: justification of the choice of autoethnography, intended audience, intentions of the researcher…

This leaves questions 4, 5 and 6 (role of technology, lessons learned), which should be the central focus of your inquiry. It would not prevent you from comparing what the researchers have stated in their formal inquiry vs. what they have stated in more informal spaces like blogs and twitter feed.

In any case, thanks for alerting me to the concept of autoethnography. In a sense, – and I may be totally wrong, since I don’t know enough about autoethnography yet – I feel that’s what we do each time we blog or twitter.