I’m not sure how to articulate what’s giving me pause here so I’ll at least just pick a point to begin the conversation.

It strikes me that you are inquiring into an emerging self-reflective way of doing research and yet the way you are structuring the inquiry is very traditional. I wonder how it might impact your learning and practice improvement goals to include sources of self-reflection (journals, the conversations you are having here in the comments area etc.) as data points – similarly to how someone might include those reflexive pieces in autoethnography or first person action research. Or from a different angle, because you’d like to improve your practice in online teaching, could it be useful to engage methodologies that use more social media than interviews do? For example, holding an online dialogue where people are discussing these questions. Could be synchronous or async and still anonymous.

I also appreciate @kiki’s point about making more of a direct link with why what this has to do with online.

I love that you’re doing this! Thanks for asking us for input.