Jeffrey’s Twitter Updates for 2009-03-31

  • When I got to upstate NY after my trip back from Ireland and the UK, I was shocked to see it snowed today in the Catskills. #
  • Continental fed us well. Drinks, snacks, hot lunch, drinks again, then a sandwich and a final drink service. They are the best! #
  • Arrived in Newark to nice weather, smooth immigration, and sweet customs. Phewww. #

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Jeffrey’s Twitter Updates for 2009-03-30

  • The Continental flight before mine finally left, and my Continental plane just landed. Hope they clean and service it quickly! #
  • I feel odd coming back from Ireland without anything wool. Did see lots of sheep and new lambs, however. #
  • Surprisingly, I think England is cheaper than Ireland for food and drink. What a switch. #
  • I just completed an Ireland Tourism questionnaire. She was happy until I told her I thought Ireland was not a good value for food nor drink. #
  • Sitting in the Dublin Airport. My flight back to Newark is already 2 hours delayed, and the plane has not even arrived yet. #

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Malahide Castle

I uploaded some photos of Malahide Castle, outside Dublin, which I visited yesterday. Can’t quite imagine what it must have been like for a single family to live in a castle for 800 years, only to lose it to taxes and then finally die out (last month, as a matter of fact).

Perhaps there really is something to the maxim that the only two sure things are indeed death and taxes.