Hi Jeffrey

I’ve enjoyed your course thus far and look forward to the coming weeks. I agree with Anne, in that engagement during online instruction will be the most challenging aspect of instructional learning. You seem to have managed it well and it certainly makes a big difference for me to be able to see you.

As a participant, I prefer to write in the chat box with questions, comments and general interaction with other team members. I guess this manifests itself in my preference for using text as opposed to the telephone. As the presenter/ facilitator of the group, how do you find this method of communication? I find the whole hands up, press and hold the button somewhat laborious. My guess is that some of my participants will feel the same way.

During this course you have been using Wilba and I’ve just started to use Webex at my work place. I imagine Wilba to be as expensive and as limiting as Webex. Consequently, I wonder what other programs are out there that are not expensive and that perhaps allow mash-up presentation without the drop outs of sound and video and the limitations of the aforementioned programs?

Zane Rhodes