Do Business Presentation Rules Translate to Education?

Business Week had an interesting article on their website today, Twitter Changes the Game for Pitching, where they discussed four rules for delivering  effective business presentations:

  1. Think visually
  2. Cater to “clip culture
  3. Create Twitter-length headlines
  4. Practice regularly and incorporate feedback

While I teach business communication to MBA students, it struck me how useful they may be for education, especially for the adult and continuing education I regularly engage in. I am trying to be more visual in my slides, though I rarely (ok, never) embed videos in my work (mental note to self–try I do try to use message titles (focused and active titles that seek to engage and capture the main message of the slide) and I use an adapted version of Brookfield’s Critical Incident Questionnaire at the end of my classes for feedback.

I wonder, though, if I ever share and then discuss these concepts with my students to get their thoughts (as well as feedback)? No better time than to try in class tonight!