Michael Storrings’ Book: A Very New York Christmas

Michael Storrings will have a new book out, A Very New York Christmas, and it will be available in stores tomorrow. While it is nearly out, it just appeared in Maureen Mackey’s Books That Inspire (Especially Now): List #2 on Reader’s Digest. Pretty good for a book that is not out yet!

a very new york christmas

As I said last week, with now being such a dark time in so many ways, it is good to have a little cheer for a brighter future. To that end, Regis Philbin said on the back cover:

Nobody celebrates Christmas like New Yorkers. And no town gets dressed up like New York at Christmastime. It’s a feast for the eyes. It’s happiness and good cheer on every corner and Michael Storrings has captured it all for you in this book